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Members of board

Managing Director 


Mr. Amir Sadrollah Babaei

EDUCATION: Metallurgical Engineer

International Welding Engineer (Germany1999)- IIW

Member of European  Welding Federation

Member of German  Welding society

Professional Experience: 15 years

Chairman of the Board


Ms. F. Jahangiri

Education: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering

Professional Experience: 7 years

Member of the Board


Mr. Rasul Torabian

Education: Master degree in

Petroleum and Petrochemical Engineering

Professional Experience: 35 years


Key managers

Financial and administrative manager:


Mr. Hojatollah  Babaei

Education: BA in Accounting

Chartered institute of management Accountants (CIMA)

Member of Iranian institute of certified accountants

Professional Experience: 9 years

Plant manager:


Mr. Majid Babaei

Education: BA in Industrial Management

Professional Experience: 10 years



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